Goals & Principles


That FTLOL will:

  • Engage and connect youth with appropriate, relevant opportunities in the arts, education, employment and/or entrepreneurial related-fields.
  • Connect and refer youth to appropriate, relevant opportunities in social services, housing and/or mental health.
  • Produce and showcase first-time exhibited, published and/or commissioned youth artists, including journalists, musicians, writers, actors, producers, multimedia technicians and/or entrepreneurs.
  • Empower youth to reach career milestones through mainstream, creative, alternative and innovative means.
  • Employ and educate youth who currently experience social, physical, mental, legal, geographic, economic and other barriers.
  • Encourage healthy peer leadership and youth participation.

    That FTLOL will provide:

  • A sense of belonging.
  • A safe, barrier-free, socially inclusive space.
  • Artistic, educational, employment and entrepreneurial skills development.
  • A healthy and productive means of expression.
  • Financial and/or commission-based opportunities for youth.
  • Support for the voice of all youth in the community.
  • Free workshops to youth.
  • The opportunity to generate and sustain strong, lasting partnerships with individuals and organizations in the community-at-large.
  • Youth-driven, youth-focused programs and services.