FTLOL’s latest stage play is in the rearview…

…and before moving to the next project, it seemed appropriate to offer some closure. The piece, titled ‘Hostel Living Conditions’, was the product of several months industriousness on the part of a committed group of people of all ages.

Set in motion by local, acclaimed poet and playwright Agnes Walsh, the script took shape through both Agnes’s workshops and improv sessions with the youth participants and FTLOL staff Peter Hynes and Erin Piatt.  A true collaboration, the story became a comic take on the tribulations and challenges of young people dealing with callous landlords, squalid living spaces and an indifferent bureaucratic system.

Performed in the LSPU Hall’s Second Space over three days, the young actors filled the small stage like seasoned pros. There was much laughter, some rueful musing on the plight of those walking a financial tightrope, and naught but glowing reviews from the audience.

The cast:
Luigi Chiaramonte
Mark Howard
Brendon Phillips
Janet Smith
Erin Piatt
Peter Hynes

Kristina Gough (light)
Jonathan Deon (sound)
Katie Vautour (set decoration)

Thank-you to the LSPU Hall staff for their professionalism and assistance, Agnes Walsh, and FTLOL ED Gemma Hickey. Special thanks and credit, as well, have to go to many other of FTLOL’s young participants for their input and participation.

Next up in August are the launch of our new youth poetry anthology and our Arts Career Training Conference. Stay tuned.

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