Queer Monologues Book LaunchQueer Monologues Book Launch

Social Conscience TwoferThere’s a way you can help keep FTLOL’s free workshops and projects for local youth going, while being environmentally conscious. Any recyclables brought to Ever Green Recycling that are earmarked for ‘For the Love of Learning’ will send the proceeds directly to support our programs. Just let the good folks at Ever Green know that the proceeds from your recyclables are to be set aside for us.

'The Drop-Ins' debut albumA CD featuring music composed, performed and recorded by some of our participants was launched this year'. The album, eponymously titled 'The Drop-Ins', is a compilation of songs and spoken word poetry, drawing from a diverse pool of musicians, singers, songwriters, and lyricists. It was conceived, recorded and mixed by Jonathan Deon.

Anyone interested in purchasing a CD can score one at FTLOL's centre, 37 Cookstown Road for $10. Please send an email in advance to whatsup@ftlol.org, so we can be sure one is ready for you.


Who isFTLOL, Inc?

We are tutors, cheerleaders, motivators and instructors. We use creativity to inspire youth. We offer free workshops. We produce art exhibits, an online newspaper, holiday cards, anthologies, stage plays, short films and more. We have studio space, art supplies, internet and friendly people.

We require only the will to learn and create. No dress code. No registration. No charge.